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July 20, 2019
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Bermuda Karate (Kickboxing) Organization, a Bermuda registered charity (#315)

Since 1992 the Bermuda Karate Organization has existed as a Bermuda registered charity. Headquartered at Bermuda Karate Institute, BKO (originally WAKO/WKF Bermuda) has enabled local martial artists to compete abroad in high level events, principally those run by the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO) and the World Karate Organization (WKO, originallly WKF). BKO’s representation of Bermuda abroad and other activities include the following:

1991 WAKO World Championships in London, England
David Simons, bronze forms

1992 WKO World Championships in Mestre, Italy
Skipper Ingham, gold senior forms

1994 WKO World Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Gladwin Phillips, gold in traditional sparring

1996 WKO World Championships/Canadian Open Karate Championships
in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Skipper Ingham, gold kata (35 years +)
Zenji Ingham, gold kata, bronze weapons

1998 WKO World Championships in Orlando, Florida
Talia Iris, gold medal in sparring, fourth in weapons (age 14-16)
Mark Watson, fourth forms and weapons (age 9-10)

1999 WKO Panam Karate Championships in Curitiba, Brazil
Talia Iris, gold in forms, weapons and sparring (age 14-16)
Artur Paulino, gold point, silver forms
Dominic Butterfield, gold forms, silver weapons
Jerry Bailey, gold short weapons, silver traditional, bronze point

2000 WKO World Championships in Jesolo Lido (Venice), Italy
Talia Iris, gold in weapons, traditional kumite and point sparring (age 15- 17)
Scott Kennedy, silver point sparring, traditional kata and free kata
BKO team fifth (Ruben Bean, Michael Burrows, Troy Darrell)

2002 WKO World Championships in Birmingham, England
Talia Iris, , silver WKO rules kumite, bronze open kata
Malachi Darrell, silver WKO kumite
Scott Kennedy, bronze WKF and WKO rules kumite

2003 Bermuda delegation participated in Okinawa Karate Kobudo World Tournament and Jundokan Dojo 50th anniversary in Naha, Okinawa, Japan

2004 BKO Team at WKF world championships in Marina de Massa, Italy; Scott Kennedy was a finalist (top 8) in forms and gold medalist in point sparring; Malachi Darrell won gold in traditional sparring

2007 BKO Skipper Ingham won gold medals in both traditional and open karate form in his age group in Arnold Martial Arts in Columbus Ohio; BKO team also sponsored the participation of team member Sentwali Woolridge in kickboxing with the Bermuda San Shou Association at the same event; Sentwali won a silver medal

2008/2009 BKO provided a $1000 scholarship each year to student Jeron Gunness to assist in completing an associate degree in Rhode Island

May 2009 Ray Sillar organized BKI students to raise $1597 benefiting the International Brain Research Foundation (IBRF)

October 2009 Ray Sillar and Darren Lee, representing BKO, coached by Skipper Ingham and Gladwin Phillips, competed in the K1 division of the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO) in Villach, Austria

July 2010 BKI students organized by Ray Sillar participated in Youth Culture Festival

Members of the public are invited to support BKO in its program of local competition and representation of Bermuda abroad by joining as follows: individuals $50 to $99 annually, companies $100 to $999, sponsors $1000 or more. Sponsors may have their name or logo appear on BKO team uniforms.

For further information phone (441) 292-2157
Fax (441) 292-5123